Quantum Wellness“QUANTUM WELLNESS A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness”

By Kathy Freston

This is a great read for those wishing to “lean in” towards healthier living.

My favorite parts:

“So quantum wellness, to me, is about the tiny little things that we invest our energy in every day and every moment. These little investments of attention hold us in a steady and predictable place. But when we make shifts—no matter how small and subtle—we agitate the norm. And the more we turn our attention to wellness—to eating consciously (both for ourselves and for its comprehensive impact; more on that later), to resolving our interpersonal conflicts, to reducing our footprint, just to name a few—the more we stoke the fires of change. The momentum we generate through our actions leads, eventually, to a tipping point, and then there is a breakthrough, a quantum leap. We get to breakthrough levels of wellness by turning our attention to those things that add to the force field of wellness. Quantum wellness is not about big changes but about leaning into wellness, comfortable, adding things here and there to the trust and taking baby steps toward the changes we want to achieve.” (pg. 5)

Isn’t that great? God touches us in this way many of a time. God reveals truth layer by layer and heals our inner being layer by layer. Gently. In His great love and awesome kind patient way. Once a new truth takes hold, the shift takes place. One tiny change, one tiny move in direction, one tiny attitude adjustment CHANGES EVERYTHING!

“By being so demanding of myself, I ended up getting nowhere; the do-or-die approach definitely did not work with me.” (p. 7)

I am sure I am not alone in the ALL OR NOTHING thinking. I am sure I am not alone in the fact that this is an area of my life where God has been revealing new truth and helping me grasp the idea of NEW THINKING…it’s about SHOWING UP, it’s about the DAILY TOUCHES, DAILY TWEAKING and it’s about BEING CONSISTENT. Moving in the direction of new health goals or other dreams is never an “all or nothing” thinking. It really is all about the ONE DAY AT A TIME, ONE MOMENT AT A TIME. Trusting God for His help in our lives and asking for His help to guide us and empower us to make the NEXT BEST CHOICE.

“We just have to point ourselves in the right direction and start moving toward what it is we want to manifest.” (p. 7).

Kathy learned that it came down to making “FOUR SIMPLE STEPS (PG. 8)

  1. Listen and learn.
  2. Set an intention.
  3. Come up with a plan.
  4. Make the move.”

“I saw myself on a path, I felt comfortable just nudging myself gradually in the right direction.” (p. 9)

“…but I accomplished it by staying relaxed about it, taking very doable steps, and allowing myself to be directed by an inner compass. I showed up as a willing participant in my own conscious evolution, let the momentum build, and the rest unfolded with and for me.” (p. 12).

I have learned that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I have also learned God needs me as a willing and available participant to HIS PLANS and to HIS HELPING ME. We do have to be willing to want to change in good ways and to want to become a better person every single day. We do have to make lifestyle changes in order for our minds and bodies to transform into healthier beings.

“You are the pond, and every thought, action, and feeling is a pebble, influencing your body, relationships, future, and present moment. In your existence, there is no insignificant moment. The universe is also that pond, and you are that pebble. Your life, energy, and love echo energetically to the very edges of all creation. You have that much power.” (p. 10).

Our thoughts matter. Our words matter. What we say and what we do matters. Changing our thinking will indeed change our actions and change the direction our feet take on the path in front of us.

“That tiny variation could create such a different path or momentum, that it might in fact initiate a chain of meteorological events that could change a sunny day into a tornado. In chaos theory, this is known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. A tiny shift matters that much. The message is obvious, and I find the metaphorical conclusion—that every action, no matter how small, can cause a huge reaction somewhere else or at some future time—to be profound (and true). (p. 11).

I am in favor of Kathy’s “leaning into change” approach. I may not notice all of the great changes occurring within my present moment at times, but when I take the time to look back and see where I have come from….the progress is astounding and I am encouraged in my present moment to keep making those tiny changes, baby steps in the RIGHT DIRECTION, towards THE DREAM God has given me to pursue.

You too can do ANYTHING WITH GOD and you too can “lean in” and take baby steps towards better decisions and choices. You can start today to fill your mine with good thoughts, life bearing words. You can mediate on the scriptures and watch how every single word comes to life for you and ushers in some amazing surprises into your heart and into your life!

God desires GREAT things for His children. GOD IS A GREAT GOD. “Quantum Wellness” is something God desires for each of us and you can bet once we ask for His help and determine to go a different way, a way that leads to health, God will help us. He will respond. He shows us the how to. He empowers us in ways we could only imagine. Together, you and I, we can do it! Becoming a healthier individual has been a dream and a goal for too long now. Even though I may not see the numbers on the scale I think I should be seeing, I do believe there have been many positive changes in this area of my life. I have been “leaning in” towards positive change. I do believe with each and every tiny step, I will come to the place eventually where a tiny shift will make all of the difference. For you too…keep on keeping on! Don’t give up.

You will be encouraged and inspired by Kathy Freston’s book and you may also enjoy her recipes too!



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