Entre NousEntre Nous, A Woman’s Guide to finding Her Inner French Girl

By Debra Ollivier

Before buying a book, I do take the time to read the back cover along with the inside of the front cover. The author writes from her own life experiences, which I find adds that something extra special to the book. Granted, I have read books written by authors who wrote from their extensive research and interviews. There is a different element to the reading experience. Debra Ollivier actually married a Frenchman and lived in France. All of her children were born in France. She now resides in Los Angeles.

This was a really fun read about the French culture! I thought the cover was so cute! Not only did I get to live vicariously through Miss Ollivier’s stories, but I learned quite a bit as well. She did a fabulous job describing her French experiences and in teaching her readers about the essence of French living. Maybe going to France is a dream of yours like it is for me! You will want this book for your library then.

I do have pages earmarked. I especially appreciated the little boxes of information on various French films or French books Debra recommends. There are plenty of delicious recipes as well. All sorts of topics are discussed including “clutter” and “aromatherapy at home.” There is even a list of ingredients every French woman keeps on hand for cooking purposes. Meals are eaten three times a day and there is no snacking in between. Children’s calendars are not jammed pack. School is the priority and family.

I was very happy to see Le Film “Chocolat” included within the many films discussed. This has to be my ultimate favorite! “The Wedding of Emma Bovary” was also mentioned. I have to say I enjoyed learning about their version of our Santa Claus; Pere Noel.

I learned how to tie a scarf, how to shop like a French woman, how to use scent in secret places, what the perfect black dress is, what’s in the dream closet, “who gets vous, who gets tu,” what a French girl shares and what she doesn’t share with others, the anatomy of a French Marriage, and plenty of other elegant, interesting, French ways, mannerisms, and styles.

You will want to visit her website to not only get to know here a little bit more, but to see what other books she has available. She also provides editing and coaching services for writers. As a writer myself, connecting with talented writers, published authors who can provide expert wisdom is always beneficial, especially when one is first starting out on the writing path!




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