Choosing To SeeChoosing To See

by Mary Beth Chapman

Mary Beth Chapman shares about her life. It is not as she planned it. I am sure I am not the only one who can relate. Isn’t this how God usually does things? Our journey with Him is never boring and never as expected! This is okay though. We may be surprised as Mary Beth Chapman was. We may endure pain too, just like the Chapman’s. I love how the theme Choosing to See came about and was prevalent throughout her story and in her life. We too can apply this theme to our own lives. Things are not want they first appear to be. They never are.

I love how Mary Beth Chapman talks about the difficult stuff that happens when a tragedy occurs. She goes there! She does it so well, so honestly and humbly.

The story is not only about her life, about a difficult time in the Chapman’s lives, but it was also a very inspirational story. This family opened up their hearts and home to orphans. Not only that, but a wonderful ministry began under the Chapman’s love and care. Show Hope was born! “A movement to care for orphans.” You can learn more about this amazing ministry at their website;

Mary Beth Chapman has a website and I encourage you to stop by for a visit;

I have been a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman for years. It is nice to learn how their family lives and moves in this world. They are an inspiration! God intended marriages to be and He intended families to remain intact. From the home base of marriage and family, all of the family members can grow and develop in God’s ways and then go out into the world and make a difference by being themselves and sharing their talents and gifts. This family is a visual example of how beautifully it works when it is working!

Much love to you Mary Beth Chapman! Thank you for sharing your precious heart with us. Much love to your whole family. Jabez blessing prayer for you all.

A good read for sure. I do recommended having a box of tissues nearby or maybe tissues in your pruse if reading in public. Your heart will be moved. You will grieve along with this sweet family and you will be encouraged as well and cheer them on as they move past a crisis and continue on in the Lord.

Enjoy! Many blessings!


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