HeartEncouraging Words

by Georgette Beck

I came across this beautiful poem today and was reminded of this truth; how very important encouraging words received from friends are and our encouraging words given to others! If someone comes to your heart today, send them a little handwritten note. It will bring a smile and bring needed encouragement or hope. Plus, the written note is timeless and lasts longer and blesses over and over whenever the individual happens upon it. I know, for I have received such notes from precious friends. I still have them. They spoke to my heart then and speak to my heart today. Their words brought love, love needed in the exact way their words ushered love into my heart and spirit.  You may not know the reason their face came to mind. Trust how these things work. Believe me, your words will come at the perfect time and bring the perfect message.  Is there someone in your circle that could use some love through your words? Maybe to just let them know you were thinking of them?

Accept My Full Heart’s Thanks

Your words came just when needed.

Like a breeze,

Blowing and bringing from the wide salt sea

Some cooling spray, to meadow scorched with heat

And choked with dust and clouds of sifted sand

That hateful whirlwinds, envious of its bloom,

Had tossed upon it. But the cool sea breeze

Came laden with the odors of the sea

And damp with spray, that laid the dust and sand

And brought new life and strength to blade and bloom

So words of thine came over miles to me,

Fresh from the mighty sea, a true friend’s heart,

And brought me hope, and strength, and swept away

The dusty webs that human spiders spun

Across my path. Friend—and the word means much—

So few there are who reach like thee, a hand

Up over all the barking curs of spite

And give the clasp, when most its need is felt,

Friend, newly found, accept my full heart’s thanks.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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