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As a writer learning her craft, I subscribe to several writer magazines, purchase how-to writing books, and read about writers from all genres. I also participate in writing groups or workshops when I can. I have taken writing classes and especially enjoyed Gotham Writer’s workshops! From my experience with Morningside Church Creative Writer’s group, came this self-published book. Each of the participants at the time submitted pieces to the project. This is a beautiful collection of inspirational stories and poems. Writing is a must for any writer. If you are a writer, you must write. Being a part of a supportive writing group is the best place to start putting various pieces of your heart out in the real world. I have learned much by listening to other members of the group. I also find being in the midst of your own tribe is key to encouraging yourself to stay true to your heart and to your path. Being surrounded by other writers who understand the fears I face facing my screen makes all the difference in helping me to keep writing and to keep showing up and touching your work.

My personal theme for my pieces submitted was “Restored through Faith.” There are poems, psalms, prayers, and my testimony.

I have a few in my own stock for purchase. The cost is $12.95 plus shipping. If you would like to purchase your own copy, I will be happy to sign a personal note to you or to whoever you are giving it too.

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