Today is my husband’s and I’s 11th year wedding anniversary! We woke up together and expressed our appreciation and thankfulness to each other and to our God. To this day, both Scott and I remain humbled and appreciative with the truth in our hearts of all God did for each of us and for our marriage.  Our union represents God’s great love, forgiveness, healing, redemption, and restoration. Our marriage is one of second chances. God is the God of second chances!

Ruth, chapter 3, has special meaning to my heart. For good cause too! Not only is the Book of Ruth a special love and redemption story all by itself, but God used it to speak to my heart in response to one of my prayers uttered to Him from a place of desperation and great pain.  He specifically answered the cries of my heart for an arranged marriage, with Ruth 3:10-11 (NKJV);

“Then he said, “Blessed are you of the Lord, my daughter! For you have shown more kindness at the end than at the beginning in that you did not go after young men, whether poor or rich. And now, my daughter, do not fear, I will do for you all that you request, for all the people of my town know that you are a virtuous woman.”

My first marriage had ended in divorce. My heart had been broken and my life was over as I once knew it to be. Divorce devastates all individuals involved. My daughter and I were healing, ever so slowly. The burdens of being a single Mom and trying to balance everything overwhelmed me. One afternoon, I headed home with the sole purpose of seeking God. I went into my bedroom and lay on the floor in between by bed and my dresser facing my window. With my face down into the carpet, I cried and prayed.  I asked God for an arranged marriage, just like He used to do in the Bible, specifically like He did for Isaac and Rebekah. I told God I trusted Him completely to choose someone just for me and for Jessie. I was tired. My daughter and I needed help. God had already showed Himself faithful to my daughter and I. He Himself had been taking care of us, literally and figuratively. However, He wanted to orchestrate details in my life, was all good for me.

God answered my humble heartfelt trusting prayer. His answer came to me through this scripture on June 11, 2001. I believed Him and thanked Him for the man He would select for me and my daughter. I knew He would be THE ONE, the One I had been hoping for and searching for. A year later, actually on June 16, 2002, I have question marks in my Bible. I knew He had someone just for me, but I was wondering when I would meet this man. I was hoping of course that this man would already have come into my life. I have learned though, God’s timing is always the BEST timing. I wasn’t ready yet. Come to found out, this man wasn’t ready yet either.

It was not until the end of 2002 that this man showed up in my life. We met through a mutual friend. We were friends first, encouraging each other through each of our own seasons of life at that time. “Friends” first happens to be God’s loving way. The building of the foundation to our relationship was a special beautiful process. Sometime in 2003, the friendship stage turned into our courtship stage. God blessed us with a beautiful romantic fun courtship! Scott and I would realize just how crucial our whole courtship phase was, because that is what kept us together later during the acclimation years of our marriage.

Ruth, chapter 3, was used over and over again by God to speak to my heart. All while I waited on Him for Him to work out His promises in my life. I trusted God with my life, with all of me. I trusted God with my past, present, and future. I had learned how to surrender all of me to Him. He revealed His great love to my heart continuously in so many ways.  My relationship with God is a beautiful romantic relationship…romantic in the sense that God lives out the loving me unconditionally each and every single day in each and every single moment. Ruth too had experienced tremendous loss in her life, just like I did. Ruth too CHOSE to trust God and surrender her life to try and do the right thing by her mother-in-law and followed her mother-in-law.  I too found myself all alone in a sense and in a new land (for God had moved my daughter and I from Connecticut to Florida) facing many challenges. I followed after God. God loves having our hearts and knows about all of our trust issues from past pain. He never takes for granted our choice to trust Him in all things. Not only did God take care of Ruth’s mother-in-law through Ruth, but God blessed Ruth in her obedience to her mother-in-laws directions to her. God brought Boaz and Ruth together. God brought Scott and Georgette together. Scott and I both had hearts that were healing and He decided our two hearts needed each other’s heart! God decided we two should become one. We did too! On May 22, 2004, Scott and I stood before God and spoke our vows to each other.

I love the man God brought to my daughter and me.  This man not only has become my daughter’s “father” of her heart, but he has become my very best friend, soul mate, and partner! I can’t believe, yes, still can’t believe, how our friendship continues to bloom and blossom in different ways each year. I still can’t believe I actually am in a marriage like this one. I never knew that was how it was supposed to be all along. Yes, I learned the hard way and pained the price. I sinned in ignorance and in knowing. I have repented and God has forgiven me. God has restored and continues to restore ALL THAT THE ENEMY HAD STOLEN.

I will never forget the tears shed during my past life and I know God never forgot either. When you follow God with all of your heart, in spite of life’s trails, you will experience hope, love, restoration, and transformation. LIFE IS GOOD with GOD!

Thank you for this beautiful marriage. Thank you for keeping us through the tough years, through our wilderness years as we acclimated to each other, to being married, and living in a blended family. Thank you for forgiving us of our mistakes and failures due to our humanness and areas where healing was still occurring, it is appreciated greatly. Thank you for loving us and for showing up in our lives! Thank you for laughter and sweet romance! Thank you for a man who loves to hold my hand as much as I love to hold his! Thank you for a strong man who leads me well and protects me and our family! Thank you for this wonderful hardworking intelligent handsome man I get to call my own! He is a gift. He is a treasure. Thank you for how well we complement each other.  Only You could have arranged something like this!

Scott and I dedicated this day, our anniversary of 11 years, to God. Later today we shall both spend time in worship and prayer with God. Our marriage was a gift. Scott and I came from places of brokenness and loss…but our marriage is a symbol of God’s amazing love and forgiveness. Our marriage is being used in mighty ways to portray the mighty hand of God…in showing how He ultimately has the last say. He saves. He restores. He brings beauty to once where devastation resided. We pray this marriage will reveal the truth of hope and of Heaven on earth in marriages in general.  Our marriage wouldn’t be, without God. We wouldn’t have met each other. We wouldn’t have survived the acclimation years without God, period! God loves each of us dearly. Marriage was meant to be beautiful and meant to have God as a daily partner. He is a part of the union.

Have hope wherever you find yourself today. God loves you. Know how much He desires to be a part of your life and in your heart. Let God, Let God today in all of your situations. Surrender your areas of hurt and pain. He will bring healing. He can heal your marriage if it is broken. He can clear up ALL misunderstandings.

May your marriage be blessed, always! May you too experience anniversaries every single year!

I love you Scott! Thank you for being so kind, forgiving, understanding, gentle, and committed. You rock! I love your smile! I love your heart.

Love your wife!



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