Dear Fathers,

May I speak personally with you right now? May I share some words and thoughts from my heart to yours right now? Jewel’s new song actually touched my heart today, okay, maybe some of the words in the song and the whole idea of the title – “My Father’s Daughter” broke open my heart a bit and brought forth the following emotional truths.

You are a “father” by divine design. This fact is whether you believe it or not and whether you think your children arrived by accident or not. You my friend are a very, VERY, important figure in your child’s or children’s lives. Especially, you are monumental in your daughter’s life.  The father-daughter relationship is something special. Or it was always meant to be something special that is.

If these words find you as a father or a dad to young ones, oh, bless your heart and thank goodness, for if you heed these words of wisdom from an older daughter, your daughter’s heart will be blessed in more ways you will ever understand while on this earth. Love her now. Love her in words and in deeds. Be involved in her life. Know who she is. Always know her heart. You are not only her protector and provider, but you are the very example of what future love will be for her. Show her the ultimate best. Show her the true Father’s ultimate plan for her life by who you are today and by how you are with her. Love her mother. Show her how real men love their wives. Show her how real men have romantic hearts. Show her how real strong men cry and are fragile at times. Spend time with her. Do things with her. Show her how to be kind to people even when they are not kind first. Live out patience and commitment. Yes, even when things get tough. Show her what faithfulness and perseverance are.

Your daughter looks up to you. She always will. She will always love you and yearn for your heart to love her and to know her. She will always yearn for your friendship. Her love for you will grow. She will come to be very proud of you, no matter what, for she is your daughter and she loves her father.

If you are a father of older girls or older woman, it is never too late to tell the truth and to be real. Maybe this Thanksgiving or for Christmas this year you can reveal what’s really deep down in that heart of yours to your baby girls? Life is short. Life is fragile. Give your daughter(s) the gift of knowing your heart towards them. This gift is priceless. Worth more than gold is what your words will be. Trust me on this. Love overcomes all. If your relationships are not the best, don’t give up. If you were a father one way and now you have changed and understand there could have been more. It is not too late. Just be you, now. Just be real, man. MAN UP, as they say. Ask for forgiveness. Give forgiveness. And maybe you may experience what was always intended for the father-daughter relationship. My brother, the love is real. Sharing that love OUTLOUD for both of you to know and experience is really what it’s all about.

Girls only have one father, YOU. Flaws are easily overlooked in the face of a young girl being unconditionally loved and accepted by her father.

If you are not comfortable speaking your feelings or showing emotion, ask for help. There are plenty of people out there that love writing (like me) and are very good with emotional stuff (again, like me) and they will be more than happy to help you pen some words of thought together or they would be happy to offer suggestions on how best to start. BUT PLEASE START SHARING THIS MOMENT, THIS YEAR. A heart that does not receive what God all along meant for it to receive hurts. A daughter that goes through this life not receiving genuine love from her father in ways she can understand is devastating and forever wounds her.  She will forever search for someone to fill that void, the spot where you were to have belonged. She will make some horrible choices and she may make wrong destiny choices. She will settle for less than best, oh, take my word for it. She is trying to fill what only her earthly daddy can. Some learn that ABBA FATHER does a more than fine job of filling some of those voids. But I will be honest with you, even with God’s GREAT LOVE healing and loving going on, her heart for some reason, still has that spot, the spot, and an empty place that still hopes and wonders how it would have been for a real authentic relationship with her father. This place was reserved and remains reserved for her father’s words of affirmation. She longs for her father to be proud of her and for her father to cherish her.

Oh Fathers, cherish your little girls. Cherish your older girls. No matter how old your daughters are, they are and forever will always be your little girls, yes? They feel that way anyways. Hug them whenever you can. Say “I love you” as often as possible. Tell them how proud you are of them and share why. Purchase Hallmark cards that do the saying if you don’t have the courage right now. She will appreciate the gesture. Don’t leave this earth without letting her know the truth. Do you have any regrets? Share those regrets and talk about it. Talk about life with her.

You are their daddy’s. You can always BE THAT DADDY. If you have faith, God does the impossible. If you don’t have faith, I pray you find some, for it changes everything. Our world is growing darker, but there is light. There is light and this light will overcome in the end. In the meanwhile, be there for her, for them if you were blessed with more than one.

I know it may be uncomfortable at first. Please know it will be okay. WORDS OF LOVE ARE NEVER BETTER LEFT UNSAID, NEVER.

My prayer for you today;

Father God, as a daughter of you and of my own father, I pray on behalf of all fathers everywhere. Please God show up in their lives. May these men know the reality of you. May these men know the reality of your love and forgiveness and grace and mercy. Please God do a work in their hearts. Do a work in their daughter(s) heart. Please heal all father-daughter relationships everywhere where needed. Reveal truth. Expose the lies. I pray for repentance and I pray for forgiveness. I pray for reconciliation. I pray for beautiful kind loving real father-daughter relationships to begin where they do not. May little girls who become women never have to go through their days feeling uncherished….a lie only from wrong perception received, only from lack of words being spoken, lack of truth daily shared. What remains unsaid is left for all kinds of meanings to be made, and not best made by little girls who take these wrong meanings of their worth into their adulthood. God I pray for these little girls. Set the record straight. May it start with their own fathers saying what should be said. Love on these fathers. Help these men to stand strong in the face of adversity. Help these men remain faithful and committed in their marriages. Help these men grow close to their daughters. I pray for miracles of hearts everywhere on this today, all across our land. God nothing is impossible for you. You are the ultimate heart healer. Heal the wounds. Bring new relationships for these hearts. Bring the joy and the smiles and the tender hugs between these daughters and fathers.

In Jesus name I pray. Thank you in advance for the marvelous miraculous work you will do God.

Love your daughter always God, Georgette

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