I came across a poem recently that spoke to my own ponderings of life.


            Max Ehrmann

I ponder on life:

On fame and unrequited toil,

On anxious young men and young women

Troubled in the day of their dreams,

On hard-pressed men of trade,

And the public cheat held in high esteem;

On the patient artist buying with his youth

That which he shall gain in age

But cannot enjoy, the day of pleasure being past;

On the young man striving to think of God;

I ponder on the tragedy of idealists

Living in a very real world,

On ministers grown larger than their doctrine,

On the chance-taker who has lost,

And on him who has won;

On proud, idle women,

And humble toiling ones;

On the tired worker in the shop,

And the troubled master in the shop,

And jobless men wandering, ever wandering;

On solitary women who sit in gloom,

On the bride and the bridegroom

And the secret chamber that is theirs,

On the dead love of them that still live,

On the mystery of the mother’s love,

And the agony of ungrateful children loved;

On lonely sailors out at sea,

Ever watching for hidden death;

On mad dictators of trembling nations,

And the agonies of wars;

I ponder on myself, indifferently honest,

Breathless on the roaring highway of time.

Let me forgive much, forget more,

Remembering only what is beautiful,

That in my day dreams

The picture may grow softer and stiller,

And life again grow gentle.                                                  

There is always much to ponder on as we think about life. Our life. The lives of our loved ones. The lives of our parents. The good and bad in life. The many ups and the many downs we each face in our own journeys through our lives. The unanswered questions that arise within our hearts. The trials and tribulations that find us, some to stay with us for a short time and others that never seem to leave or end.

Just when we think our mind has found an answer to something we have pondered upon, soon thereafter a new situation or circumstance reveals another truth. There are still those unanswered questions that continue on with us each day we greet a new day.

During moments of pondering and meditating, I find in my Bible the Book of Ecclesiastes speaks to my heart perfectly and better than any other piece of literature or any other conversation I could have with someone.

Life is interesting. Life is beautiful. Life is full of happiness and full of sadness. I see God in each and every thing. He is in all that surrounds me. I am thankful. Even for the circumstances I do not understand, I am thankful. Even in the circumstances I have no control over, I am thankful. I believe our heart’s ponderings are a part of our living this life, on our being the humans we are, and a part of who we grow into.

As I look around me today, I realize there is beauty everywhere. Yes, there is beauty even in areas of pain or our areas of messiness. Our very breath is beauty.

There are blessings in the many parts of my life and in the many parts of me. There are some tough circumstances in my life and difficulties my body and I endure. Above all, there is my God within me and in everything I observe all around me. I love Him. I need Him. I want Him. And the best truth I know is that He loves me! He loved me first. He exists. He remains. He will never leave me nor forsake me. He stands. I stand with Him. I am loved. This love changes me. This love comforts me. This love is the ultimate beauty of life. This love is where I remain in as I ponder on life. I don’t have to have all of the answers. I am thinking too there is more beauty in and with the unknowns of our lives. These are the places where God seems to reveal Himself the most. I ponder on this thought.

God, I wait on You in this moment. I surrender to you. I humble myself before you. I anticipate your presence and touches in all aspects of my life, especially in the areas where unanswered questions live.  May your love be evident to all through every part of me. I look forward to all of You here.  God you even reside in our ponderings.

Love, joy, and peace to you today.

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