Listen to the water mill:

   Through the livelong day

How the clanking of the wheel

   Wears the hours away;

And a proverb haunts my mind

   As a spell is cast:

“The mill will never grind

   With the water that has passed.”

Take the lesson to thyself,

   Loving heart and true;

Golden years are fleeting by,

   Youth is passing, too;

Learn to make the most of life;

   Lose no happy day;

Time will never bring thee back

   Chances swept away.

Leave no tender word unsaid;

   Love while life shall last;

“The mill will never grind

   With the water that has passed!”

                                    Sarah Doudney

I recently spoke of “Heart” matters…because they matter. God has been revealing more and more to me and my own heart of what He desires of me in this life, the life He has given me, and of what He desires of my heart, of which was uniquely crafted by Him. I am realizing more and more my unique purpose. I am a “Destiny Changer,” used by God via written or spoken words to minister to Bella Healing Hearts, one by one. Doing so will help others to be inspired, encouraged, and motivated to discover their own unique purpose and to go on in their personal endeavors to achieve greatness in their lives, through God and in God.

Dear sister and brother, I pray you come to know how very much God loves you! He has placed within your heart beautiful lovely dreams for you to fulfill in this life, the one life you have been given. Each of us has our own stories and has had our own difficulties and challenges. Each of us is still working through some issues. We each experience some great days and some horrible days. Life is busy. Life can be hard. Life brings us pain at times, all types of pain, physical, mental, or emotional.

There is good news. Yes, there really is. God can heal your heart of many of those “pains.” God can actually use those specific personal “pains” to touch your life in amazing sweet ways and He somehow manages to use these very “pains” we may have cried about, prayed about, cried some more about, and were sorrowed by. Isn’t this glorious news? It is, especially if you have personally experienced these special God touches to your life already. He just LOVES to do that! It is HIS specialty!

I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.

Ezekiel 11:19 NIV

God is the God of NEW HEARTS! He has a way of softening our hard hearts and other’s hard hearts. Hearts hardened by various trails, disappointments, grief, sorrows, and loss. He has a loving miraculous way of healing and making whole those hearts which have been broken into tiny pieces. I can speak personally of this and I know there are many of you too who have experienced new beginnings. God is the God of LOVE and He LOVES to love you and loves to heal your heart and bring beauty to you and to your life.

He asks one thing though. He asks for your heart. Yes, I know. How can we trust this God who we really can’t see or at times do not understand fully? Well, try it and see for yourself. I did. I continue to do so. Why? I will tell you. It is because God has so earned my utter most respect and trust. He didn’t need to earn anything of me, gracious, no. He knows how after being rejected and abandoned and broken how scary entrusting our heart to another is. He gets it. This is why HE LOVES US FIRST. This is why HE NEVER LEAVES US OR ABANDONS us even when others do, even after they have promised not to. HE KNOWS OUR HEARTS beloved! HE UNDERSTANDS. He knows why we did what we did or do what we do. He can’t wait to show you what He knows about us! He does ask for you to give Him your heart fully. Oh, I pray you do too and the sooner the better, I promise! Once He has your heart, your NEW BEGINNING in Him starts and it will be amazing. No promises of “no more pain” ever, but plenty of promises of experiencing love and joy like you have never experienced before in your life! This I know and this I promise to you! Once you trust Him, you can follow Him and learn to hear His voice to you. When He impresses upon your heart to do something, please listen. He leads and guides you and directs every step. Your life will become rich and splendid! Follow your heart, for He places your dreams within them. Follow your dreams. This is how you will come to know JOY and how you become an instrument of mighty things in our world.

Life is short. Nothing is guaranteed. You do have this one life to live and you do have dreams within your heart. Yes, you really do, each of us has dreams in our hearts. They are there for a reason. Your dreams are meant to be fulfilled so that you and others around you may be blessed and receive something only you can bring. Your dreams also include people and relationships with people. Those closest to you now, for instance, those relationships are meant to bless you. Relationships bring happy moments and sad moments. Relationships are tough. It is through others we receive love and truth. Relationships are used to teach us many valuable lessons about ourselves and life in general. I am sure we can all agree we would all gladly do without some of those “life lessons!”

No matter what the past has brought to your heart, I pray right now you will begin to ask empowering questions in lieu of staying wounded and down for the count. I pray you ask God, “How can I move on from here?” “How can I use this for good?” How can I be used in loving powerful ways in my life?” “God, what are the dreams you have placed within my heart?” “How shall I proceed?” These questions have greater purpose for you now. There are greater issues for you to focus on right now. Surrender in prayer all of those people who may have hurt you in some way. Surrender yourself to God and ask for forgiveness for all of the hurts you may have caused. Receive forgiveness and give forgiveness. It is time to move on.

Reach out to all of your loved ones and friends. Let each and every one know how special they are to you. Be truthful, be honest, and be kind. Today is here, but do you know about your tomorrow? Use the gift of life wisely. Learn to bring all of who you are to the rest of us! We need someone like you today to do only what you can do. Every single person messes up. Yes, we do. All we hope for is to be understood, forgiven, and given grace and mercy. Guess what? We heal, learn, and thrive when others extend love, forgiveness, mercy, understanding, grace, and patience.

Choose to trust God with your heart. Choose to no longer focus on how others have wronged you or how you have wronged others. Face what needs to be faced. Forgive yourself. Forgive everyone else. Time to move on! This day is here for you to embrace fully! Embrace life! BE ALIVE! Discover the truth of you! You have great potential! You have much to offer many people! Learn about your gifts and talents! Share them! Be a friend to another today! Maybe TODAY is the ONLY day for them? Go and tell as many people as you can of how they matter. We all need to be reminded or maybe some of us never knew this beautiful truth. All the more important for you and me to be THAT PERSON, who LIVES LOUDLY in LOVE! Re-read the poem one more time, now, what is speaking to your heart right now? Listen.

Much love to you!


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