My Life Is In Your HandsMy Life is in Your Hands

Personal Devotions

By Kathy Troccoli

Ever since I first heard of Kathy Troccoli and purchased her music, I have been a huge fan. I love her music and her work. I was thrilled this past year to have been blessed to meet her in person. She continues to serve God with her heart and her life!

“For the LORD your God is a merciful God.”

Deuteronomy 4:37

Kathy speaks about her understanding of God’s perfect love; “Perfect love embracing the worst in me. It is so hard to comprehend that kind of a love.” I am sure we can all relate, yes? It was during a sad tough season of my life where I came face-to-face and heart-to-heart with this perfect love from God. He showed up. He orchestrated the best rescue mission ever. He loved me absolutely and unconditionally even when I was a mess, a hot mess.

It’s your stubborn love

That never lets go of me

I don’t understand

How you can stay

Perfect love embracing

The worst in me

How I long for your stubborn love.

These are perfect words to speak of God’s perfect love. Kathy reminds us of the story about Peter. The hard reality of his denying he knew Jesus. He loved Jesus. He messed up. He did something he said he would never do. Jesus knew. Jesus restored Peter to Himself. Jesus poured out great love and mercy and forgiveness. Each of us can be restored after total utter failure. Jesus offers Himself to us each day. All we have to do is say “yes.” All we have to do is be near Him, ask, and receive all He desires for us.

You too will be encouraged by Kathy Troccoli’s book. Her stories will minister to you. This book and other special items can be found at her website;

If you have never heard of her before, I recommend listening to some of her CD’s. Your heart will be lifted and refreshed.



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