I wish I started years ago, tracking the books I have read. I do have a Georgette’s File in my computer that I log the books I have read. I do not remember when I started this file. Recently, I added the year or date when I read the book. There are currently 661 books in this document. There may be more in my house. There definitely is more. There are various books in various places waiting to be touched, chosen, read. My house is its own library. Maybe not as elegant or as great of a value as J.P. Morgan’s library, but a library never the less.

Another thing I do wish with all of my heart; I wish I had written a report on each and every single book I have read, no matter what the genre! I have a poster in my office; “I am what I have read.” It is true, 100%! Now some books and some of the nuggets may have found their way into a journal or two, or three, or more, but I would have loved to have kept a whole database of the books that my Devine choosing found their way to me. I am a word girl, through in through. I am a communicator and written or verbal words is my language. Many of a time, I can’t count how many, God has spoken to me through His Word and the words of many others throughout the years. I have grown and developed and transformed by WORDS. It has been a beautiful process. A process I would have wanted to kept more of the behind the scenes data on. I am not a scientist, but I love looking back to see how something has been accomplished or created; the process of a painting for example. The miracle did not occur over night. This is a lifelong lesson, I remember, for all God may have me working on. We just need to show up moment-by-moment and the miracle will have occurred.

These 5 books were one of my many recents….only a few months old, possibly. I try to date when I finish the book. My mom used to date when she started and when she finished. I now going forward plan to follow her in this method. God gave me the idea of doing a “BOOK TALK” as a way to do what I love doing best; read, learn, be inspired and inspire others. I wish to share with others all I have learned or share with others all that has touched me in some way or another. I have been supporting and encouraging many writers through the years.  I started by writing notes before the social media platform took off.  I then would research every author I discovered through their book and took time to get to know them from a distance and follow them if I could; get on their mailing list, follow on Facebook, etc. I have learned much by books, but then later, much more it seems from discovering who these writers were! Later, I found by way on several book launch teams.

John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress (Barnes & Noble Classics, 2005) was a book on the list I found in my 25 Books Every Christian Should Read published by Renovare’ and HarperOne in 2011 (A book I have been slowly making my way through and reading every single book – this may be another project of mine where I share my thoughts and responses to these books selected, along with some of the contributors’ favorites which they added in).  This is John Bunyan’s 17th Century allegory of the soul’s search for salvation. This book was best read in silence, after my devotional and Bible reading time. “He that sleeps is a loser” (p. 51). One cannot be a sluggard if one desires to be all that God has purposed for us.  I love this prayer;

“God be merciful to me a Sinner, and make me to know and believe in Jesus Christ; for I see, that if his Righteousness had not been, or I have not Faith in that Righteousness, I am utterly cast away. Lord, I have heard that thou art a merciful God, and hast ordained that thy Son Jesus Christ should be the Savior of the World; and moreover, that thou art willing to bestow upon such a poor sinner as I am, (and I am a sinner indeed) Lord, take therefore this opportunity, and magnify thy Grace in the Salvation of my soul, through thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen” (p. 159).

I see why this book was included in the list of books every Christian should read.

The Palm Beach Book Festival is something new I have had the opportunity and pleasure in participating in. In April of 2017, I attended my 2nd year at this festival and met a few authors in the process. Amor Towles was one of them. His book Rules of Civility was in my pile to read for a while, but when looking at my pile of books to read recently, this book got my attention.  I am glad too! The novel was beautifully written! His other book A Gentleman in Moscow is on my list of books to purchase! The story takes place in 1937 in Greenwich Village New York.

Braving the Wilderness, The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone (Random House, 2017) is Brene’ Brown’s current published book. It never fails. Her books and her words come to my heart at the moment my heart needs it the most. My healing journey seems to follow her writing projects! There are many pages folded over. I fold when I do not have a pen nearby. It’s my way of marking words that truly were significant to me. She and I shared much in common when it came to perspectives and “truths” we gained into our subconscious as young girls. Unraveling the TRUTH as an adult has been a sweet sorrowful journey but one worth pursuing. TRUTH is always TRUTH and good for us and brings LIFE. “We are all worthy of telling our stories and having them heard. We all need to be seen and honored in the same way we all need to breathe” (p. 86). Her chapter “People Are Hard to Hate Close Up. Move In” confirmed my own beliefs and encouraged me to pursue what was HARD. Staying alone with our own perspectives of what others think of us or how they have hurt us will only keep us HURT, ALONE and in PAIN. Daring to “move in” closer to these individuals, especially if these individuals have a place in our life either by choice or by marriage, it is worth the effort. I loved her section on “Speak Truth to Bullshit. Be Civil.” Sharing truth in love does wonders. There is never a time to be rude. There is also a time never to remain silent when truth and words needs to be shared. My take away from her book is great, especially “Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart.” I love you Brene’! I have read all of your books.

Tilar J. Mazzeo is another author I am a huge fan of and have read all of her books too! Irena’s Children (Gallery Books, 2016) was my most recent book read. Family history has been one of my personal projects of the heart these past few years. I desire to discover my family roots, especially on my Polish side. Both of my grandparents survived WWII. There is mystery when it comes to knowing their full story. Someday I hope to uncover it in full. My heart is in tune with those who have survived the Holocaust and WWII.  Mazzeo writes about a young social worker, Irena Sendler, who in 1942 was granted access to the Warsaw ghetto as a public health specialist. She reached out to trapped Jewish families and started smuggling them out of the walled district. She saved thousands of children. This book is an excellent book for a book club.

Unanswered, Lasting Truth for Trending Questions (Whitaker House, 2015) written by Jeremiah J. Johnston is a book that GOES THERE. Johnston writes about questions people ask that churches have not been able to answer. He touches upon serious topics such as suicide and mental health. He shares that we should be “cool thought leaders.” Christians need not BASH as people sometimes think Christians do. Jesus lived out His life and that is how we should go. Your life and wisdom do more than just talking to a person. There is no subject Johnston will not address. Why is God silent? What about the paranormal? This is a wise book for growing Christians and for those asking Spiritual and real-life questions.

I am a firm believer; it matters not to the genre of how information and truths come to our hearts. Pay attention to what attracts you or gets your attention. If you are seeking or asking questions or paying about things – always pay attention to what books or articles or posts come your way. God speaks to each of us every single day. Are we listening? Are we aware?

Happy New Year!


Georgette xo


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