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The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan I absolutely loved reading this memoir! The Middle Place is about the author’s experiences during “that sliver of time when parenthood and childhood overlap.” Kelly Corrigan is married and has two children. It is while her concerns for her parents grow that she finds herself in a health crisis […]

My Life is in Your Hands Personal Devotions By Kathy Troccoli Ever since I first heard of Kathy Troccoli and purchased her music, I have been a huge fan. I love her music and her work. I was thrilled this past year to have been blessed to meet her in person. She continues to serve […]

Things a Little Bird Told Me “Confessions of the Creative Mind” By Biz Stone Twitter fans everywhere will enjoy this read. I know I did. I thought the cover design was perfect. The book received acclaim from several well-known individuals; Stephen Colbert, Ron Howard, Arianna Huffington, Charles Best, and Steven Johnson. If one if familiar […]

Launching Out As a writer learning her craft, I subscribe to several writer magazines, purchase how-to writing books, and read about writers from all genres. I also participate in writing groups or workshops when I can. I have taken writing classes and especially enjoyed Gotham Writer’s workshops! From my experience with Morningside Church Creative Writer’s […]

Home Is Where My People Are: The Roads That Lead Us To Where We Belong by Sophie Hudson I loved the cute bright cover along with this cool title! I so resonated with the words home & my people. Have you ever felt like you did not belong somewhere? Have you ever felt like you […]

Entre Nous, A Woman’s Guide to finding Her Inner French Girl By Debra Ollivier Before buying a book, I do take the time to read the back cover along with the inside of the front cover. The author writes from her own life experiences, which I find adds that something extra special to the book. […]

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up “The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing” By Marie Kondo This was a cute little book, but don’t let the appearances deceive you. This book was full and I mean full of powerful strategies in facing the challenge of Spring cleaning your home. Marie Kondo is a Japanese cleaning […]

“QUANTUM WELLNESS A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness” By Kathy Freston This is a great read for those wishing to “lean in” towards healthier living. My favorite parts: “So quantum wellness, to me, is about the tiny little things that we invest our energy in every day and every moment. These little […]

Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical Reading By Nina Sankovitch I found this book after it had come out. Sadly, because my house is full of piles of books read and to read, new books either get read right away or read soon thereafter, or as in this case, long after soon […]