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THE LESSON OF THE WATER MILL Listen to the water mill:    Through the livelong day How the clanking of the wheel    Wears the hours away; And a proverb haunts my mind    As a spell is cast: “The mill will never grind    With the water that has passed.” Take the lesson to […]

My heart sings for joy when messages come to me, especially when I am aware enough to notice them for what they are. God speaks to us through our everyday ordinary. I enjoy tea in the morning while I work on my book project or while completing assignments for my graduate class. Yogi tea these […]

During devotions today, God shared His truth and reminded me and answered me…Wait on the Lord. Usually God just speaks A truth. This morning the SAME TRUTH came 3 times…from 3 different devotionals. HE WAS SO SPEAKING. And can I say, I SO LOVE WHEN HE DOES THAT! He reminded me, through my Daily Bread […]

I came across a poem recently that spoke to my own ponderings of life. I PONDER ON LIFE             Max Ehrmann I ponder on life: On fame and unrequited toil, On anxious young men and young women Troubled in the day of their dreams, On hard-pressed men of trade, And the public cheat held in […]

Today is my husband’s and I’s 11th year wedding anniversary! We woke up together and expressed our appreciation and thankfulness to each other and to our God. To this day, both Scott and I remain humbled and appreciative with the truth in our hearts of all God did for each of us and for our […]

Dear Fathers, May I speak personally with you right now? May I share some words and thoughts from my heart to yours right now? Jewel’s new song actually touched my heart today, okay, maybe some of the words in the song and the whole idea of the title – “My Father’s Daughter” broke open my […]

“Heart Matters, Matter” Thoughts from my heart to yours today… We are all one, in the body of Christ. No one part of the body can operate on its own. Never. Each of us need another. Life flows from one person to another. 1 Corinthians 12:18-18 NIV “The body is a unit, though it is […]

You know when God wishes for a point to be made on a specific day. This is especially so during devotion time when not one, but two different devotional books share a similar message. This is the time to pay attention and discover the theme. Just this past week, the theme of praying and waiting […]

Launching Out As a writer learning her craft, I subscribe to several writer magazines, purchase how-to writing books, and read about writers from all genres. I also participate in writing groups or workshops when I can. I have taken writing classes and especially enjoyed Gotham Writer’s workshops! From my experience with Morningside Church Creative Writer’s […]