Applying what I had learned from a cooking class a girlfriend and I participated in. Hubby appears to be very happy and excited! The meal was a hit and enjoyed by all!  


A really good friend of ours, Joe, invited my husband and I out to the Bahamas. Boy did we have a blast! This delicious sandwich was enjoyed tremendously! Deliciousness started first thing in the morning with a breakfast sandwich. Of course, coffee was the beverage of choice.


My sweetie husband took me out to dinner at my favorite cafe in downtown Stuart, Osceola Cafe, for our 7th year anniversary celebration. This restaurant has special meaning for my husband ad I. This was where we both decided to meet for the very first time in person. Up until then, we had only been speaking on the telephone with each other after a mutual friend talk it would be a great idea for us to get to know each other. She was so right! She hooked me up to my soul mate, my best friend, and my second chance at love and romance! Every year my that my husband and I celebrate another anniversary is a huge time of celebration for the both of us. God has restored so much to each of us in many ways, with the primary one of having someone in our life that loves us and truly enjoys being with us! I love you Scott! xo


A HAPPY DAY for sure whenever a Starbucks’s cup of coffee or special drink makes its way into my hands!!!  Yes, I am a Starbucks fan! Happily so too. I love their dark roast coffee beans.