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Another clinic visit today…had not been feeling well for a few days and since my clinic visit on Wednesday…symptoms progressed…so it was time to seek more help. Breathing treatment helped and I’m sure the meds will help as well. Honest and raw moment…Easter weekend…I prayed in the middle of the night to my God and […]

I wish I started years ago, tracking the books I have read. I do have a Georgette’s File in my computer that I log the books I have read. I do not remember when I started this file. Recently, I added the year or date when I read the book. There are currently 661 books […]

I love you Mom. I still can’t believe your life is now only “in loving memory of” and that you have dates on the other side of the “dash.” I tried to honor you with words from the heart on your day, but I could never ever say enough of all you had meant to us […]

Maria Semple did it again! She treated her readers to a fabulous read with her “Where’d You Go, Bernadette!” Her new book does not disappoint! “Today will Be Different” takes us on an adventure along with she goes about her NORMAL day! Eleanor is a riot and we can’t help but to love her. […]

I have always loved good stories…all types of good stories; stories about people rising up from the ashes, people overcoming obstacles. My favorite type of stories is the romantic ones, ones with the God factor involved is the extra bonus that puts it over the top for me. Maybe you are a fan of the […]

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan I absolutely loved reading this memoir! The Middle Place is about the author’s experiences during “that sliver of time when parenthood and childhood overlap.” Kelly Corrigan is married and has two children. It is while her concerns for her parents grow that she finds herself in a health crisis […]

I am happy and overjoyed to introduce a new book to you! As a lover of books, this is always an honor, especially if the book is amazing! This book, For the Love, by Jen Hatmaker, is AMAZING! Another perk was not only did I get to read this book, but several months ago, I […]

Escaping into the Open: The Art of Writing True By Elizabeth Berg I LOVE all things Elizabeth Berg! As an emerging writer, honestly, Elizabeth Berg has greatly encouraged my heart! Her work is profound and has lasting effect. As a writer learning how to do it all, well this book took the cake! I was […]

My Life is in Your Hands Personal Devotions By Kathy Troccoli Ever since I first heard of Kathy Troccoli and purchased her music, I have been a huge fan. I love her music and her work. I was thrilled this past year to have been blessed to meet her in person. She continues to serve […]

Things a Little Bird Told Me “Confessions of the Creative Mind” By Biz Stone Twitter fans everywhere will enjoy this read. I know I did. I thought the cover design was perfect. The book received acclaim from several well-known individuals; Stephen Colbert, Ron Howard, Arianna Huffington, Charles Best, and Steven Johnson. If one if familiar […]