Georgette Beck

Georgette Beck – My Life’s Story…okay, maybe not the whole story, but plenty enough for you to feel like we have had the opportunity to sit down for an hour or so over coffee and delicious goodies.

I became a Christian when I was about to enter the 7th grade. It was during a Vacation Bible Camp that I invited Jesus into my heart. They had an altar call and I answered.  That first altar call will never be forgotten. My little heart opened up and my Lord Jesus came in – I was now saved! The journey was an up and down one for years; going strong and then fading off due to peer pressure and life situations.

Then in December of 1996 my relationship with God changed from a one-way relationship (where I did all of the talking) into a two-way relationship (where I learned God truly cared, heard, and had a personal plan for my life…I now heard from God). My marriage of 10 ½ years was in crisis. I cried out to the Lord from the depths of my soul on the floor of my bedroom closet. He heard me and my walk with Him has never been the same again. From that day forth my personal relationship with Him grew stronger and stronger every day. He has never left me nor forsaken me.

The marriage ended in divorce a little over a year later. God remained faithful. He provided miraculously throughout the next few years, my single Mom years. As I continued to follow the Lord the best I could, He continued to teach me His ways, heal me of my wounds, and set me free little by little from emotional pains and dysfunctional thinking and behaviors. I was being transformed and becoming a whole woman. God even started leading me to volunteer in various ministries, to which I started to experience more joy than I had ever experienced before in my life. I was passionate about God and happy to be alive.

After an amazing epiphany, I responded to what I felt God was now leading me to do; apply as a full-time college student and quit my full-time job as an insurance agent. God was asking me to trust Him completely. He would provide.  I obeyed. I applied, was accepted, was awarded a full scholarship that paid for all of the tuition for my two-year Associate Degree program and then paid for my two-year Bachelor of Arts Degree program. God provided the part-time jobs that would work around my schedule as a student and my responsibilities as a Mom.

My years as a single Mom were not always easy. There were many moments of feeling overwhelmed where I thought I just could not go on. There were financial challenges constantly. Balancing my schedule and my daughter’s schedule were a never-ending battle. I was always juggling everything, all of my responsibilities as best as I could and the fear that it would all just come crashing down on me was enormous. There were many nights where I would feel lonely and at times it would get to me. I had many cry sessions with my Father God.  Even though there were dark sad scary times, in the midst of all of that, there was the presence of God. There was no doubt that God was with me. He showed himself faithful time after time and touched my heart like no one else could ever do.  My single Mom years will always be recalled as “those special years of Jesus, Jessie, and I.” I do remember praying and asking for a second chance as a wife to a man that God would select for me and my daughter.  I remember telling my daughter that the man God would send would not be just for Mommy, but that he would be for her and everybody else in our family too. This Mom believed and waited on God for God’s best for her and her daughter.  We were not disappointed.

God brought Scott into our lives.

This May my husband and I will be celebrating our 12th year wedding anniversary. God has blessed us and our marriage in countless ways. Our hearts are thankful for all of the restoration! The first few years of our new blended family were mixed blessings. There were moments of extreme love and joy. Then there were the other moments of sadness, discouragement, conflict and fear due to difficult and tough acclimation issues. At times, each of us truly believed our marriage would not survive. We sought God and stayed on our knees. With God all things are possible. God brought healing and forgiveness to our hurting hearts. Now my husband and I serve in our church as lay ministers by helping those going through a separation or a divorce and by helping to save marriages that are in a crisis.

God has brought healing and love to my family relationships in more ways than I ever could have dreamed.  Forgiveness and understanding brought peace.  I am thankful for my mom and dad and each of my siblings.  Family gatherings bring much laughter, which is always good for the soul.

My walk with Jesus has never been boring, my journals document many answered prayers, insights, and discernments. He is alive. He does interact in personal ways with His kids. I am proof. Who I am today never would have happened without my God loving me completely.  God guided my steps and as I was prompted, I obeyed and participated in self-help groups, sought counseling, read many self-help and development books, and volunteered wherever He impressed upon my heart to do. Each place was vital to bringing truth and information that was needed to usher in ultimate healing and growth. I experienced the greatest joy whenever I volunteered!

Some places along the path of my unique journey where I served or continue to serve;

* PREPARE/ENRICH Certified Facilitator/Marriage Mentor

* DivorceCare Ministry Facilitator for Morningside Church

* Changes that Heal Bible Study Facilitator for Morningside Church

* Before You Divorce Ministry Facilitator for Morningside Church

* Girlfriends in Christ Small Group Leader for Morningside Church

* Life’s Healing Choices Women Facilitator

* Youth Sponsor in Morningside Church Extreme Youth Ministries

* High School Sunday School Teacher for Morningside Church

* Toddler Sunday School Teacher for Morningside Church

* Studio2B Workshop Facilitator for the Girl Scouts of Palm Glades Council, Inc.

* Guardian ad Litem Volunteer

* Big Brother Big Sister Volunteer/Mentor

* Hibiscus Volunteer/Tutor

Along the way, I discovered the joy of living life! The beauty of the Lord became real for me. My passion for writing, reading, music, education, art, culture, and travel emerged.  The world was and is full of possibilities every single moment of every single day!

In the business realm, I worked as an insurance customer service representative before becoming an agent. I was a secretary and an office manager. I was a development associate for a non-profit agency that helped children and families and I handled sales and development for a commercial landscape firm. I hold certifications as an Elementary Educator (K-6th).

Education continues for me and my husband. This May we will graduate with our Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling (Marriage and Family/Non-Licensure) Degree from Liberty University. Walking with the Lord is a wonderful interesting thrilling adventure. God loves to use individuals from where they have come from in life, and that definitely includes the areas of hurt.  My husband and I both have similar desires to save marriages and minister to those in blended families.

God has called this heart to be a DESTINY CHANGER by HEALING HEARTS, one by one.  My purpose is to inspire, encourage, and motivate others to be the best they can be. My heart personally feels called to:

* Help those who are hurting from rejection or abandonment feelings

* Help those struggling with self-esteem and value issues

* Ease the burden and pain of single Moms

* Inspire young girls & woman to be all they can be

* Help Christians discover their unique purpose

* Encourage those who are struggling in their marriages

* Help those who are going through a divorce or a separation

I am currently working on several book projects that speak to and relate with each of these matters.  I am still a work in process. I love what God has done for this heart and I am excited to witness all He does for all of the hearts around me.

Through many circumstances I have learned about Faith and about trusting in God. God never leaves nor forsakes us. He has shown me that even though I mess it up many times and have so many issues within me – He knows me, He knows my heart and He loves me through it all. He trains me and teaches me and knows how to heal me and work things out for me. He will answer the cries of your heart, “He is the God who forgives and the God who hears.” God touches every part of us and turns it all around for good.  It is never a mistake to trust God with your heart. The transformation is always a masterpiece! Will you trust Him today?

Bella Healing Hearts…Healing from the Past, in the Present, for the Future in Jesus!

Well, now it is your turn to share about you with me! Please feel free to contact me. I can’t wait to hear your story!

Many Blessings to You,

Georgette Beck