We loved everything about your class! It felt very authentic. All of your real life stories that you shared made it feel so relatable to our situations. It really helped heal our relationship more than I thought it could. You are both such giving, loving Christians that it was uplifting and inspirational just to be in your presence. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to helping others.

Chris & Pam

I have to say I started divorce care with you and Scott and was in a very angry, bitter and hopeless state of mind. I had to face financial difficulties, a death and raising a son all at once. Through the grace of God and the support from you, friends and family I am now doing better than ever. Time heals but I am happy within myself and content in my life. Support does make a change in a person's life. I am always referring people to divorce care because it works. Thank you for being there for me and I hope I can make a difference to someone like you have made to me.


Going thru the session a second time made me realize what a journey this is and how much I have realized about my life past, present and future. I truly wish I had had this 20 years ago, I probably would not have divorced the first time. Thank goodness you are helping those on RECONCILIATION of marriage, it is so needed in the community especially the church. You have been a true brother and sister in the Lord and have helped so much with me and others going through this transition into a new life and behaviors after being married for many years. The comfort I feel leaving every night is definitely a Blessing. It makes all the difference sharing with others that are going thru the same trials.


You have been called to wade into the trenches deeper than any other other couple is required to. It's personal, dirty and full of evil. How you do it, only the Holy Spirit can answer. I pray for your continued protection as you meet these battles head on. No one who is NOT called by the Spirit could do what you do. You changed my life for the Good and forever. I remained plugged into the Spirit because you had the extension cord! The class built lifelong relationships that are Christ honoring. As my love-life crashed into hatred, you kept my eyes on the Vision I was always supposed to fall in love with. Now, as Paul I am content with what I have, PEACE! Thank you!


I am very grateful for Morningside hosting DivorceCare. The study in itself is very helpful through this mess and addresses many concerns. Georgette and Scott are so open and they willingly share their wisdom and experiences. This is a perfect fit for them.


After my ex suggested to me to attend the divorce care class I thought that I didn't needed that kind of group or any help at all. I was so worried about her, her health, her finances that I thought that it was a good idea for her to attend the divorce care class. When I saw the great help and the change on many aspects of her life I was very happy for her. Then she suggested to me to attend and I refused automatically. Then she attended a second round and I saw how she was healing and I was very thankful at God, the Church and at you guys. Then she convinced me to attend and I was very skeptical at first but I started to go and I discover the tremendous feeling of guilt, emptiness, loneliness and anger among many feelings I had. I was finally confronting them. Then I saw how great you Georgette and Scott were; how professional, kind, comforting, helpful, accurate in your comments and good at helping you were; how both of you really understand and how you involve God into the lives of the people that is taking the class and going through this. It really helped me to get better and starting my long healing process with God's help through The Church, you Georgette and Scott. I deeply appreciate the Divorce Care group and I have been recommending people to go and experience the healing in their lives. I appreciate everything you do. Thank you so much Georgette and Scott. I'm glad and I'm blessed to have friends like you. I deeply admire both of you. God bless you, bless your family and friends in all aspects of your life.


I was separated when I started the Divorce Care class. I remember being very depressed and asking God why this happened to me. I was so deeply wounded by my husband.. I had heart palpation from all the anxiety. I thought I was having a heart attack. I remember thinking it would be easier and less painful if I just died. It was too much to deal with all by myself. I just wanted some relief from the pain of divorce. I prayed to God for help. The same week we separated, I went to Morningside and saw an insert about a class for people going through a divorce. I didn't know what to expect but desperately wanted help so I went to the class that Tuesday night. God met me there that night, right where I was in my pain, despair, anxiety, anger, depression, and unforgiveness. I learned so much in the 13 weeks. I know why God hates divorce- it wounds everyone it touches so deeply. I instantly felt at ease with Georgette and Scott. They openly shared their hearts and experiences of divorce in a way every single person in the room could relate to. Every class they encouraged us to ALWAYS "Do the right thing". That the truth is known and revealed by our heavenly Father. We don't have control over how others are going to treat us but we always have control over our actions and responses. I know I am so much better and farther along in my healing because I took this class. God is still working on me and showing me how much he loves me. I just have to trust him. Thank you Georgette and Scott for your servant’s heart, it’s so appreciated!